Diffusion Bonded Medical ManifoldCarville produce a wide range of bonded plastic manifolds for use in clinical chemistry and IVD applications. The manifold function is enhanced by the inclusion of valves and peristaltic pumps.
ISO CubeThe ISO Cube is manufactured in two parts using clear acrylic. The cube contains a 2mm steel ball and is used in oncology applications for system calibration.
Acrylic Light GuideAcrylic has excellent optical clarity and light transmission properties which makes it ideally suited for the manufacture of both acrylic lenses and acrylic light guides.
Micro Fluidic ManifoldCarville manufacture micro fluidic manifolds and flow cells for use in clinical chemistry, medical diagnostics and point of care applications.
Fine WritingAcrylic is a warm and attractive material suited to the manufacture of fine writing instruments.

Acrylic and Plastic Machining Services


Precision Machining of Plastic Materials

Carville offer customers CNC Machining of Perspex Acrylic, Rohm Plexiglas and other engineering grade plastics. Carville is a manufacturing services provider and specialises in the heat treatment, precision machining, bonding and polishing of Perspex Acrylic and Rohm Plexiglas. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is manufactured and sold under several brand names which include Perspex, Lucite, Rohm Plexiglas or Polycast.


Experience in Plastic Manufacturing

The Carville plastic manufacturing business was established in 1928 and started production of machined and fabricated acrylic component parts and assemblies in the 1930’s. Carville’s earlier manufacturing services were focused on the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Carville’s are a UK based manufacturing company and we have over 80 years experience in the precision machining of acrylic and other engineering grade plastics. Carville produce all of our machined plastic component parts at our manufacturing facility in Dorking, Surrey.


High Quality Plastic Machining Services

Carville’s business focus is to provide our customers with a high level of service and to produce custom Acrylic and plastic parts which will perform well in the end applications. These services can include project management, product development, prototyping and production volume manufacturing.

Carville have been offering contract plastic manufacturing services for over 80 years and we export 60% of all parts manufactured to customers in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Supply Agreements

Carville operate scheduled delivery agreements with a number of our larger customers. These schedule agreements allow Carville to produce plastic parts and plastic components in advance and to ship these to our end customer’s production facilities from our finished stock. Supply agreements allow economic manufacturing costs along with the ability to offer short lead-time deliveries.


The Carville Philosophy

Carville are a business to business service provider. Our philosophy is to produce precision machined plastic parts and plastic components that are correct to the customer’s specifications, are delivered on time and are competitively priced.

manufactured in the UK

Carville export 60% of all parts
manufactured to our customers
in Europe, Asia and the USA

We operate scheduled
delivery agreements

We have over 80 Years of
Plastic Machining Experience

Accredited with
ISO 9001 in 1992

2200 Sq/m manufacturing facility

Full Material Heat Treatment
CNC and Inspection capability