Digital Mammography Test Phantom Set

Plastic Machining Single Mammo Phantom copy

Carville have worked with leading physicists
and radiographers within the National Health
Service (NHS) to develop and manufacture a
standard set of mammography test phantoms.

The phantoms are used to detect changes in
the performance of the X-ray set and image

The test set comprises five fully heat treated
and precision machined cast acrylic plates.
The plates measure 300mm x 240mm.
The finished thickness is diamond machined
to a tolerance of 100 microns.

The plates can be stacked on the X-Ray imaging
bed in thicknesses from 20mm to 75mm in 5mm
increments. These increments allow all NHS breast
screening protocols to be measured accurately.

Plate “A” (shown) contains a 20mm x 20mm x 0.2mm
square of 99.99% pure aluminium foil.

The mammography test phantom sets come with a
certificate of conformity and are packaged in a custom
hard carry case.

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