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Bonded Plastic Manifolds Diffusion Bonded Manifolds Carville have manufactured and Diffusion Bonding was developed by Carville to supplied thousands of manifolds produce the world’s first medical manifolds in 1980. The material is heated and fused together at a for different applications to molecular level without the requirement for solvents customers across Europe, Asia or adhesives. In addition to being very strong, diffusion and North America. bonded joints are clean and will remain stable over long periods of time. Unlike cemented joints, they The majority of manifolds produced by Carville will not discolour or shrink. are manufactured in acrylic (PMMA). Acrylic is the lower cost option. It is a clear and inert material which makes it ideally suited to most applications. Laboratory Diffusion Acrylic Parent When the operating environment for a manifold Test Method Bonded Cement Material Strength Strength Strength restricts the use of acrylic, Carville can also offer bonded manifolds in high performance engineering Torsional Sheer Strength grade plastics such as polycarbonate (PC), 96% 77% 100% polysulphone (PSU) and polyetherimide Tensile Strength 97% 70% 100% (Ultem – PEI). Bending Strength 45% 47% 100% Carville manufacture manifolds using two main proprietary techniques. Carville developed and manufactured the world’s first diffusion bonded manifold in 1980. 6
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