Carville Score 100% for Quality and Delivery

Quality and Delivery

Carville have been supplying precision machined acrylic components to Horiba ABX for over 10 years. Horiba ABX work in the medical diagnostics sector and, like a number of other Carville customers, are long term partners who benefit from one of Carville’s managed supply agreements.

Carville’s performance from July 2013 to July 2015 was as follows;

  • Review Period = 24 months
  • Number of Different Part Numbers = 12
  • Number of Purchase Orders = 182
  • Quantity of Parts Shipped = 41,581
  • Delivery Performance = 100%
  • Quality Performance = 100%

Carville current operate supply agreements with several key customers in Europe, Asia and the USA. These agreements allow Carville to support fluctuations in our customers demand and ensure deliveries are always made on time.

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