Carville is proud to supply many leading medical device companies around the world.  These range from high technology start up companies to global corporations.  Applications include multilayer bonded manifolds for dialysis equipment, anaesthesia units, ventilators, spirometers and many other critical care and monitoring systems, often integrating multiple valves and other components.  Medical clients can be the most demanding in terms of quality and service, and Carville support this with solutions such as Kan-Ban stock holding, supply agreements and 100% CMM inspection reports.

We are also a major supplier of precision medical phantoms to global medical imaging and radiotherapy clients.  These range from precision embedded ceramics, steel balls and aluminium foil, with painted and engraved patterns.


Life Sciences

From research organisations to multinationals, Carville’s precision machined plastics and bonded manifolds can be found in almost all areas of In vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and laboratory equipment. Applications include blood gas analysis, clinical chemistry, point of care diagnostics and high-throughput screening solutions. Carville’s specialist skills in High Accuracy Bonded (HAB) micro-fluidic manifolds is particularly valued by many of our clients who rely on complete repeatability to deliver zero PPM and 100% on time delivery.


Food and Beverage

A number of major suppliers of equipment into the beverage industry rely on Carville to supply a range of precision machined plastic components in various materials such as Acrylic (PMMA), Peek, Delrin, Ultem, Polysulphone and Polycarbonate.  Carville’s specialist skills in complex fabrication is utilised extensively in this industry to deliver complete solutions incorporating many specialist components ranging from hinges to platinum wire.  Applications include gas recovery solutions, beer, milk and water production equipment.

We also manufacture a number of highly accurate, custom optic lens components which are vapour polished and finished to the high standards.   These are often used in high throughput food sorting equipment to rapidly identify and reject sub-standard items or non-metallic contaminants.



Carville’s industrial clients and applications cover a very broad range of industries from swimming pools and submarines to medical device manufacturing systems and water cooled computers.


Fine Writing

For many years, Carville have produced very high quality acrylic components to global brands of fountain pens, roller balls and ball pens.  Our ability to bond different colours and patterns of acrylic to create stunning solutions for our clients have meant we continue to create new and exciting writing instruments for even wider markets.

A selection of our clients