New 2 Year Supply Agreement with Haffmans

Haffmans CO2

Pentair Haffmans develops and supplies quality control equipment and carbon dioxide systems for the Brewing, Soft Drinks and Biogas industries.

Pentair Haffmans has a presence in more than 150 countries worldwide and has a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. All of Pentair Haffmans technologies are designed with the same principles in mind: protect the environment and reduce operating expenses at the same time.

Carville started working with Pentair Haffmans in 2014. The initial focus was on the manufacture of existing Plexiglas and acrylic components and this work resulted in the completion of a new 2 year supply agreement in January 2015.

Carville are also working with the engineering team at Pentair Haffmans to develop and manufacture the next generation of machined and bonded acrylic components for use in Pentair Haffmans quality control equipment.

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