Carville supports customers with prototypes to achieve proof of concept(s) before moving to volume production. Plastic prototypes & concepts
PrototypesCarville supports customers with prototypes to achieve proof of concept(s) before moving to volume production. Plastic prototypes & concepts
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From Concept
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                  To Production


Plastic Prototypes

Carville supply bespoke components for medical and industrial applications. Carville can support customers with project management services to take a new components or products from concept through to prototype manufacturing and then on to full production.


Carville work with customers in Europe, Asia and the USA to develop their component part concepts and to assist in the evolution of their designs to achieve component parts that are suitable for economic and reliable high volume manufacturing.


Carville recognise that customers may require low volume prototype parts to achieve proof of concept before they can progress to larger production quantities.

The Carville production facility is accredited with ISO9001 and maintains documented production data for the development, prototyping and production of new component parts and assemblies.

Due to the nature of the markets which Carville operates in, Carville adopt copy exact manufacturing processes at all times. Copy exact ensures that a reliable and repeatable manufacturing method is developed which will support future volume production.

Copy Exact

Copy exact is not the fastest or most economical solution for prototypes but it does ensure that component parts which are manufactured for development purposes can be accurately and reliably reproduced in production volumes.

It is necessary for the manufacturing and inspection processes to be fully planned and documented to ensure traceability. CNC machines will be programmed and set to allow parts to be produced. The time and costs associated with process development and part manufacture will be amortised over the number of units produced.

Unit costs on prototype parts which have been produced using copy exact will be more expensive than higher volume production parts. Component parts can vary from simple acrylic components to highly complex bonded manifolds. The complexity of the part, along with the required process development, will result in lead-times that will vary between 2 and 8 weeks.

It is important that Carville understands the customer’s delivery and future volume requirements during the initial discussions. If the long term requirement is 100 pieces rather than 100,000 pieces, the level of fixtures, tooling and process automation developed at the prototype stage will differ.

Volume Production

Carville prototype and development parts are produced using the same techniques, processes and inspection operations as would be applied to volume production parts.

The manufacture of the initial prototypes allows the volume manufacturing process to be developed and an understanding of the actual manufacturing times to be gained. Recording actual manufacturing times rather than estimated times allows Carville to confirm and maintain the unit costs for production parts.