Festo takes over the Bonded Manifold Technology from Carville

As Carville ceases operations in June 2024, Festo takes over process technologies and production facilities for the manufacture of multilayer manifolds made of plastics. Follow this link to contact Festo directly with your requirements and learn more about their automation solutions.

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Precision Plastic Machining

Carville are leading experts in precision plastic machining, high accuracy multi-layer diffusion bonded manifolds and complex CNC plastic fabrication. We serve demanding global markets including Medical, Life Sciences, Food, Beverage and many Industrial sectors.

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Get to know Festo

The global player in automation takes over technologies for Bonded Manifolds

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Delivering The Highest Quality Service & Products.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

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Multi-coloured, Multi-layered Bonded Fluidic Manifolds

Diffusion bonded fluidic manifolds have a wide range of applications to manage fluid flow...
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Why Carville?

Established in 1928, Carville has built up a wealth of experience and has a strong reputation for innovation.

Experts in precision machining of plastics, high accuracy diffusion bonded manifolds, polishing & complex fabrication.

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We have produced well over a million diffusion bonded manifolds using complex, high accuracy & pioneering heat bonding techniques.

Carville serve demanding markets including medical, life sciences, food / beverage, fine writing and a broad range of industrial applications. Over 60% of sales are exported from the UK.

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Carville’s robust ISO9001 2015 quality management system, means total control of quality throughout the order management and manufacturing process.

We pride ourselves on high quality products and high quality support.

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