Carville Takes Delivery of 2 New Dugard™ High-End CNC Machining Centres

Taking delivery of one of our new Dugard™ machines

2018 has been an extremely busy year for Carville and 2019 will see additional growth. 

The Increased demand from our customers for complex high precision plastic parts has resulted in the need for addition CNC high-precision turning capacity. We have therefore invested and taken delivery of 2 brand new high-end Dugard™ CNC machining centres, taking the total number of our CNC machines to nine.

Managing Director, Vince Ellis, said I’m delighted that we have further high-precision manufacturing capacity in place for the end of 2018 and for the coming years. Orders have increased and become far more complex, and our new client base has increased significantly over the last couple of years. This extra capacity enables us to continue to improve the level of support we provide.  We also plan to invest further in new machines during the next few months


Carville produce a range of bespoke CNC turned components in acrylic (PMMA) for customers in the medical, life sciences, food & beverage, and high-end consumer markets.