What is a Bonded Manifold?

diffusion bonded fluidic manifoldA bonded plastic manifold is a single manifold that can replace traditional tubes and connections between multiple components, or replace multiple ‘old school’ cross drilled manifolds with a far more elegant and efficient solution. Multi layers and channels within the bonded manifold allow integration and encapsulation of the connections between various components such as pumps, valves and sensors. These diffusion bonded plastic manifolds have many advantages over traditional tubing layout such as:

• Reduction in tubing and connections (reducing the risk of leaks)
• Better visualisation of fluid flow
• Simplified assembly & servicing
• Easier cleaning
• Reduces product complexity
• Reduced risk of blockages
• Reduction in manufacturing cost

Arcylic fluidic manifoldOur core competencies in the design and manufacturer of bonded manifolds.

Bonded manifold design and manufacturing is a core skill for Carville Plastics.  Over many years, we have developed a unique proprietary High Accuracy Diffusion Bonding (HADB) process, allowing us to offer one of the most precise and efficient manufacturing processes available. This enables us to offer products at competitive prices whilst delivering the highest level of quality and accuracy possible.

• Very tight tolerances
• Channel size down to 150 microns
• Seamless multi-layer assembly
• Ultimate optical clarity
• High strength bonding close to the parent material strength
• No contaminants from cements or adhesives

Every bonded manifold is custom designed specifically to our customers’ requirements. The many variables and complexities can affect the feasibility, therefore, our experienced design & development team will work closely with our customers throughout the design phase, ensuring the best design is finalised. Once finalised, we can then manufacture small, medium or large quantities again, based on our customers’ requirements.
Assembly work is another area of our specialism. We can support the design and manufacturing of bonded manifolds with inserts, assembled valves, pumps, fittings and other components.