Carville Exhibits At Compamed 2018, Dusseldorf, Germany

Carville Plastics – The advanced precision plastic machining company recently exhibited at Compamed 2018


Carville Exhibits At Compamed 2018

This year’s show attracted over 120,000 visitors from around the world and they had the opportunity to visit over 780 leading global companies displaying the latest in technology for use in the healthcare, medical and life science sectors.

Carville Plastics showcased a range of precision manufactured medical manifolds, diffusion bonded manifolds and sophisticated microfluidic devices.

Existing clients as well as potential clients visited Carville at the show to learn more about their medical products and services on offer. In particular, their range of multi-layer diffusion bonded manifolds made from Acrylic™ and Ultem™ received considerable levels of interest; these manifolds offer:


  • Very tight tolerances
  • Channel size down to 150 microns
  • Seamless multi-layer assembly
  • Ultimate optical clarity
  • High strength bonding close to the parent material strength
  • No contaminants from cements or adhesives

About Carville Plastics.

Carville are experts in High Precision Plastic Machining, Multi-Layer Diffusion Bonded Manifolds, MicrofluidicsPolishing & Heat Treatment of Plastics. Our core competencies are heat treating, high precision CNC machining, polishing (including vapour), and diffusion bonded manifolds, microfluidics and fabrication of plastics. Offering a specialist contract manufacturing service, we support clients from concept prototypes through to series volume production.

One of our specialist areas is High Accuracy Diffusion Bonding (HADB) of materials such as Acrylic/Plexiglas (PMMA) and Ultem (PEI) to produce multi-layer fluidic manifolds. These are often used in MedicalLife Science and Beverage & Food Processing applications. We also produce complex Microfluidic diffusion bonded chip solutions incorporating many features such as mixing chambers, reagent reservoirs, capillary action channels and optical analysis windows.