A History of Carville

Carville celebrate 90 years of manufacturing and supporting our clients around the world

Carville accredited with ISO9001: 2015

Carville develop the first Microfluidic chips with 150 micron tracks.

Carville developed High Accuracy Diffusion Bonding (HADB)

Carville produce the world's first seven layer diffusion bonded medical manifold.

Carville accredited with ISO9001.

A joint development with the Parker Pen Company results in the manufacture of a 1920's Duofold classic using modern acrylic materials.

The first MIMIC Display Systems are produced for industrial and marine applications.

A joint development project with Ciba Corning results in the World's first diffusion bonded manifold for use in medical instruments.

Carville celebrates 50 years in manufacturing

Carville produce a range of acrylic exhibition cabinets to display the priceless relics of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun at the British Museum in London.

Carville relocates to their current manufacturing facility in Dorking, Surrey, UK.

To support the demands of modern aircraft, Carville develops an new "Diffusion Bonding" manufacturing technique which allows layers of plastic material to be joined without the use of solvents or adhesives.

Carville begin to specialise in the manufacture of engineering components in Perspex.

Frederick Carville establishes the company at Chalk Farm in London.