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Supplying Global Markets Since 1928


Established in 1928, we have built up a wealth of precision plastic machining experience and have a strong reputation for innovation and excellence.

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Established in 1928, we have built up a wealth of experience & have a strong reputation for innovation In the development & manufacture of diffusion bonded manifolds

Including pioneering diffusion bonding in the 1960s, the first bonded medical plastic manifold & high accuracy diffusion bonding (HADB)

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Our unique High Accuracy Diffusion bonding techniques are used to produce multi-layer fluidic manifolds without the need for adhesives or cements

Dramatically reducing system servicing needs, cost, assembly time and leak points whilst increasing quality and reliability.

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Microfluidic Devices & Chips

We have vast experience in manufacturing microfludic devices, diagnostic microfluidic chips & manifolds to support clients within the medical diagnostic, clinical chemistry & industrial sectors.

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Precision Plastic Machining

Carville are leading experts in precision plastic machining, high accuracy multi-layer diffusion bonded manifolds and complex CNC plastic fabrication. We serve demanding global markets including Medical, Life Sciences, Food, Beverage and many Industrial sectors.

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COMPAMED 2023, 13-16 November, Düsseldorf, Germany

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MD&M West 2024, Feb 06 - 08th, Anaheim, CA, USA

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Delivering The Highest Quality Service & Products.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

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Fluidic Manifolds: Conventional Cross-Drilled vs Diffusion Bonded

Fluidic manifolds are well known as a great way to reduce system complexity, tubing,...
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Why Carville?

Established in 1928, Carville has built up a wealth of experience and has a strong reputation for innovation.

Experts in precision machining of plastics, high accuracy diffusion bonded manifolds, polishing & complex fabrication.

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We have produced well over a million diffusion bonded manifolds using complex, high accuracy & pioneering heat bonding techniques.

Carville serve demanding markets including medical, life sciences, food / beverage, fine writing and a broad range of industrial applications. Over 60% of sales are exported from the UK.

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Carville’s robust ISO9001 2015 quality management system, means total control of quality throughout the order management and manufacturing process.

We pride ourselves on high quality products and high quality support.

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