Diffusion Bonded Medical ManifoldsCarville Plastics have been supplying medical equipment manufacturers with the highest quality precision machined plastic medical devices, manifolds, microfluidic chips and components since 1980.  We developed the world’s first diffusion bonded medical manifold for Corning Medical followed by more complex solutions for Bayer/Siemens. We have also supplied many class III implants such as knee and eyeball replacements as well as components for specialist reading glasses and life support systems. The medical market is one of our core markets and continues to grow.



We understand the rigour, quality, verification and validation requirements of medical device development, and the considerable time from concept to market, which is often many years. Carville is flexible to support the early design and prototype stages to help early selection of materials, designs and processes to support the longer term production needs. We are also keen to understand how our products fit into the overall system so we can optimise interfaces and recommend solutions to clients.