Bespoke Plastic Components

Bespoke Precision Machined Plastic Components

Contract Manufacturing of Precision Machined Plastic Components

Carville specialise in the heat treatment, precision machining, bonding and polishing of plastics, with a unique level or expertise with Perspex Acrylic / Rohm Plexiglas (PMMA).  If you are looking for unique, custom made plastic components, requiring a level of precision milling or turning, then Carville can help you out.


Quantities and Range of sizes

Carville can support quantities from one-off’s through to many thousands of parts.  Clients sometimes use Carville for machining bespoke prototype parts with several design iterations prior to a design freeze and commissioning mould tools for series production parts if the design is suitable.  Part sizes range from a few millimetres across, through to large, fabricated plastic assemblies a few metres width.


Materials for Bespoke Plastic Machined parts

Precision Machined Plastic ComponentsCarville CNC machine a range of plastic materials, some examples are shown below

  • PolyMethyl MethAcrylate, (PMMA – Acrylic)
  • PolyCarbonate, (PC)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • PolyOxyMethylene, (POM – Delrin)
  • PolyPropylene, (PP)
  • PolySUlphone, (PSU)
  • PolyEtherImide, (PEI – Ultem)
  • PolyEther Ether Ketone, (PEEK)
  • Poly Vinly Chloride (PVC)


The above is not an extensive list. If you require a CNC machined component in an engineering grade plastic, please forward a manufacturing drawing to Carville for review. Drawings may be sent to  We can also get some materials in medical or food safe grades to suit bio compatibility requirements.


Bespoke Precision Machined Plastic Components


Carville can advise on manufacturability issues including achievable features and tolerances.  We can also create drawings of your parts if required for you to check and approve.  Carville also fabricate complex assemblies involving a mix of parts from different manufacturing techniques such as bending, engraving, printing, forming and moulding as well as integrating parts in other materials such as metals and ceramics.