Assembly & Test


Medical AssembliesAs well as individual plastic components, Carville manufacture more complex assemblies according to our client’s requirements. These often consist of a number of plastic parts and other components such as valves, steel tubes, sensors, platinum wires, wiring harnesses, diaphragms, metal or ceramic balls, seals, inserts and fixings. Example assembled products are; complete valve manifolds, medical sub-systems, beverage testing sub-assemblies, display/containment cases, machine guards, medical phantoms, venturi systems, vacuum chambers, pen assemblies and research equipment. Contact Carville to explore how we can assist with your project.


Engineering & Plastic FabricationCarville has extensive experience in Acrylic and engineering plastic fabrication. We produce a range of parts from small assemblies to large, complex engineering components using a mix of techniques. These techniques include solvent bonding, cementing and UV curing adhesives to give a range of finishes including transparent joints. These are often used to complement our High Accuracy Diffusion Bonding. We also design processes and equipment to ensure a high level of repeatability for series production fabrication.


Carville have an extensive network of trusted component suppliers, both locally and globally to enable us to source the many different types of materials and parts competitively in suitable volumes. We also often take on our client’s directed sources when they have a particular preference for parts such as valves, connectors, sensors or other parts. Carville also use a small number of sub-contractors for specific processes where external expertise complements the complete product.


Coordinate Measuring MachineAs well as the standard quality assurance testing equipment such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), digital optical measuring equipment, calipers, gauges and other check tools, Carville also design and implement bespoke test processes and equipment according to our client’s requirements. For precision machined components and fluidic manifolds these are often simple pressure or leak testing rigs with either digital or analogue results recording. For more complex assemblies, we can build specific rigs to simulate parts of the client’s full system to conduct critical functional tests on the parts prior to shipment. This testing can be done on a sample basis or 100% parts coverage. This is particularly useful where Carville are assembling a number of components onto fluidic manifolds such as valves, connectors and stainless steel tubes.

For optical lenses, we work closely with client’s to design visual tests based on pattern or feature alignment to enable complex lens profiles to be objectively assessed.